Movie Talk on Sunday (#MTOS) for April 5th: Your Relationship With Cinema


10 Questions about Your relationship with Cinema. Cheers to making you really think about this. 

1) What’s your earliest memory in terms of cinema? 
2) What movie have you seen that made you believe you could do whatever you just saw, as a profession?
3) In what specific way(s) has cinema changed or affected your life?
4) Have you ever been made fun of or judged for watching/loving movies too much?
5) We all get older, and life has us busy. Do you find it more difficult to find time to watch movies? If so, how do you deal?
6) A true lover of cinema has a movie that can lift their spirits. Which is yours?
7) If you could pick one film to describe your life so far, which one would it be?
8) Part 1 of 2: What’s a movie or genre that you saw that just absolutely crushed your soul?
9) Part 2 of 2-What movie did you watch to rejuvenate you? Or what double feature could qualify as an ideal emotional roller coaster?
10) For whatever reason, sometimes people can find themselves being distant from cinema. How would you reclaim that passion?

Thanks guys!

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