#MTOS – Screenwriting and Screenplays

MTOS is a weekly Twitter event taking place every Sunday at 8pm comprising ten film related questions related to a particular theme. I’m hosting this week and have chosen ‘Screenwriters and Screenplays’ as my topic. Here are the ten questions. One question will be asked every ten minutes. 

1) What’s your all-time favourite screenplay? 

2) Do you feel screenwriters get the credit they deserve for their part in the film-making process? 

3) Is there a screenwriter whose work you seek out regardless of the project or director?

4) Film is a collaboration and occasionally writers and directors fall out. What’s the most entertaining clash you’ve heard about? 

5) What is the best film made about a screenwriter?

6) Which adapted screenplay best captures the spirit of the work (novel, play) it is based on?

7) Does the traditional three-act structure lead to formulaic storytelling in cinema?

8) Not every screenplay gets made. Any examples of scripts you have read or heard about you would like to see made?

9) Do you feel writing for television offers more fulfillment for writers than working in film?

10) Pretend I’m a studio executive. Now pitch me your screenplay.  

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